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We are Plantrie Tech. Innovative. Creative.
Branding Agency

Weather we are starting from scratch or refreshing an existing brand, we love creating cohesive visual identities that help our clients stand out. The success of every marketing communication depends on the effectiveness with which the brand message has been conveyed. Therefore, giving the right identity and recognition for a brand is what we do best.
Over 100+ Companies Use Our Service

Lead your Brand

We lead your brand by adding a dedicated brand leader to put the brand front, to make sure the operations are alligned to your brand goals.

Promotes the Brand

The marketing and content strategy are just tools to execute the larger brand strategy. It’s the brand team that helps shape that strategy, then collaborates with marketing to determine the most effective way to promote the brand.

Our Team of Experts

We develop brand strategies, visual identities and rebranding activities that define your brand and provide voice for your enterprise.

Creative Team

A brand team is not just focused on fonts and color use. Its job is far more expansive. A strong brand team functions like an internal agency; their work extends to every other department.

Aligns the Business to Brand Goals

We help you better define and justify why a business decision will help (or hurt) the brand. We also offer valuable perspective on how it might be implemented, identify potential challenges you might face, and help craft a plan of execution.

Preserves Brand Identity

Communication plays a huge role in how brands express themselves. It is how the brand looks, feels, sounds, and interacts that shapes outside perception. Therefore, the brand team must be the guide and guardian of the brand identity.

Our Process

The Design Brief
A design brief gives an idea about client’s budget and deadline. It is also very important to ascertain the exact branding deliverables.
Research & Brainstorm
This stage sets the direction for the entire branding process. It makes the team at work more alligned with client’s needs, making the design far superior.
Concept & Presentation
An initial sketch/presentation of the concept is developed, and recommendations are provided to the client with choices for their review.
Client Feedback
Based on the reviews and inputs from the client, the process is further fine tuned. Maximum interaction with the client is done at this stage.

Final Delivery

The last stage consist of delivering the output to our client in the recommended format and as per the industry standards. This is where we shine and ensure you always have a winning brand and a unmatched complimenting strategy with it.
Go To Market Strategy

We help start-up start with their best foot forward

With a comprehensive competition analysis, we make the new brand ready for the market. Aiding with exceptional soft and mega launch strategies and first customer feedbacks.
Market Research

Let us find your right market niche

Researching the market before launching a new business or introducing a new product or service in the market, is crucial. We ensure our clients are equipped with necessary information before stepping in the market.
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