6 more marketing lessons to learn from Emily in Paris – Netflix show (Part 2)

So we all have binged on the series ‘ Emily in Paris’ and by now, we all are in awe of the digital marketing savvy series on Netflix. Since the series has aired on the beloved streaming giant, it has been throwing curveballs in digital marketing; on and off the screen. In part 1 of this article, we discussed how smartly the creative team has portrayed the character in her unique quirks with a hint of genius. And adding to the spicy mix, in this part we will reveal six more insights on how they have marketed the whole series outside the streaming channel, to bring in new audiences to tune in to the show.

Without further ado, let’s get started:

7. Reel to Real life:

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In the series, Emily manages to become a micro-influencer by just being herself. People following her wanted to see her journey from workaholic Chicago to romantic Paris. The show deliberately displays multiple social media channels without the names to complete a scene. However, in real life, they manage to create accounts on different social media channels, not in a manner of channel or broadcaster but as the real character. Now we all know this isn’t something new, yet the way they did it, brings real connection and life to the character with behind the scene photos and real actors tagged in them.

8. Fast Fashion; What?! High-end designers – All the Way!

Emily Cooper (played by Lily Collins) wearing Stéphane Rolland during Season 1, Episode 5.

Being at ‘Savoir’ luxury digital marketing agency, the brands used in the show are somewhat real. In perfect harmony, the creators have stitched the costumes designed by Marilyn Fitoussi along with wardrobe consultant Patricia Field of Sex and The City fame in the storyline via the luxury fashion houses they represented and in the high-fashion women’s wardrobe. Along with real brands such as ChopardRimowa and Dior for Vespa weaved more with sophistication as their clients, their campaigns and its execution or the use of their marketing collaterals, all of it; in its full authenticity. This made the audiences (25 million household reach) of the show, fall in love with these iconic brands again.

9. “Like wearing poetry.” — Emily

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Whosoever has watched the show is a fan of the clothing to some extent. With so many opportunities among the various characters and by placing Emily herself in different events calling for a luxury attire each time, the costumes soaked much-needed spotlight. And to tie the real-life fans to their loving characters the show’s creators are bringing their fashion line to life and releasing it’s first collaboration collection.

“Without basic b*tches like me, you wouldn’t be fashionable.” — Emily

The show showcased all the shoppable content in its season 2. While some essentials like sunglasses are available on the Netflix.shop, other articles are/will be available on various legit channels.

10. Am I doing it wrong? – Knowingly!

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One of the things the show gained popularity is not only because of its cocktail of winner tactics but also, arguably they portrayed the social media growth in the show rather much easier than real life. This brought a whirlwind of scrutiny from social media marketers and high-level influencers. They all couldn’t wrap their head around the fact that in the show Emily grew her following night-after-night with bad pictures and weird captions on the fly, with no regard to the actual strategy or the content overlook, attention to detail, exceptional photography, posting times etc. She also manages to bring her clients a lot of success with her bad lit pictures clicked while running around with absolutely no thought put behind it in some scenes.

Did the creators knowingly place the angle of easy success? Why not! This has been my thought for the show. When it comes to a whole team of professional creators who knows the plot and if does even a little bit of study on the theme, it’s almost impossible to be this naive. In my opinion, they decided to keep it argument worthy to get the best of both worlds; ‘good & bad fame’.

11. Approvals! What is that?!

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Experts over the channels have mortified the shows’ creators by pointing out their mistakes, to which my kudos to the team; for riding the controversial tide like an Australian surfer! But the one, most scrutinized error by Emily Cooper was that she never took any client or boss approvals! before posting on the client’s social media. Now that seems horrendous for an actual social media expert, speaking from experience. Anyhow, from a writer’s looking glass; the character is supposed to be idolized and in a way be unattainable. This takes the viewers to a sweet dream wonderland where things go easy. And after all, we all at some point wants to quit the approval’s shenanigans and jump the guns with our own mind (don’t tell my boss! ssshh).

12. Commercialize Commercialize Commercialize!

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Talk about Emily; a young American white skinny girl who has a high taste in clothing. Her couture might not match her yearly paycheck, but who’s counting?! She is also capturing the allure of the city through her camera, this means the internet is flooded with this beautiful young girl in a picturesque setting of Parisian streets and corners in her high-end couture. Instant Pinterest takeover!

And this might be cliche but this part of the series makes me go: location location location! When we see Paris, it’s one of the world’s most searched, captured and toured destinations, so placing a white pretty girl in high couture will make the perfect cocktail for binge-worthy cinematography.

Overall the show’s plot positioning is quite predictable, but it gets interesting when you show the digital marketing side of it. As there isn’t much competition in that genre and it hits the millenials in the right spot where everyone wants to become an influencer and live the life of popularity.

For those who haven’t gone around Emily yet; have a binge session this weekend as the show has announced two more seasons in the pipeline! And once it aires we will be here for its postpartum and learning from their rights and wrongs!

Haven’t seen the article on the show’s on-screen marketing techniques? Find it here. And stay tuned for the marketing tips from shows on Netflix!

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